Fuel Pro

Vehicle expenses made easy

Fuelpro is a simple and easy to use app to track your vehicle expenses and fuel consumption. It's a perfect app for car owners and fleet managers.


Take a look at some of the features that makes Fuelpro the best app for tracking vehicle expenses.

Vehicle Expenses Track

Track all your vehicle expenses including fuel, service, repairs and more.

Smart Expenses Input

Effort less to input expenses information, automatic prefilled and calculation.

Expenses Type

Support for Fuel, Service and Oil Change tracker will added more depending your needs

Simple Analytic

Simple yet powerful analytic to help you understand your vehicle. Get detail information about vehicle expenses with simple to understand metric analytic

Fuel Efficiency

Track your vehicle fuel consumption and get detail information about fuel efficiency. Measure how efficient your vehicle vs Fuel Usage, KM/Liter Gal/Miles

Multi Currency

Support US, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and will support more. Support KM/Liter and MPG adjust easily with your needs and your usual configuration