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Important Things to Understand Warning Lights on your Speedometer


Speedometer is one of vehicle’s feature which give us an information about vehicle’s speed. speedometer comes in different shape and color, but the function is the same, to show the vehicle’s speed.

But there’s another feature that includes at speedometer, such as a fuel indicator and warning lights, control lights, and other things. Placed nicely at the speedometer, so that we can see it easily.

Warning lights is important to know, but I believe not everyone understand it well, because I’m one of them. 🙂

What’s warning lights looks like?

Okay here’s one of the warning lights that I assume every drivers know about it.

What's warning lights looks like

Correct, fuel indicator light. The warning lights looks kinda like this, with different images based on what its indicate.

So through this opportunity, I want you and me learn about warning lights so that we know our vehicle’s condition appropriately.

1. Temperature Light

Temperature Light

Yes, so this is temperature light. It indicates the temperature of vehicle’s machine. If its lights up, then it means the machine is overheat.

When it happens, turn off the car immidiately for few minutes. Then you can turn on it, but with condition you shouldn’t use air condition (AC), radio, and other things.

You need to go to the service station ASAP. It might be because of the coolant, but might as well as because one of the vehicle’s component broken.

2. Oil Pressure Light

Oil Pressure Light

This teapot looks like is the oil pressure light. It indicates that the oil isn’t enough for the vehicle.

When there’s only slights of oil, the pressure for oil to circulate becomes low and it makes the machine works overload.

So you know the solution right? Just add more oil!

3. Engine Check Light

Engine Check Light

Engine check lights will lights up if there’s a problem in the machine, either only one part or some of it. This will need mechanic’s help to identify the problem

Thus, you need to go to service station ASAP.

4. Tire Light

Tire Light

There’s only 1 problem for tire, which is tire pressure. If its lights up, then you need to check and refill the tire until the limit range, which is around 30 - 35 psi.

But depending on the vehicle’s type, the limit range might be different. It will be written on the tire’s side. or on the side of the driver’s door.

5. Battery Light

Battery Light

Well the image describes it well. If its lights up, there must be something wrong about the vehicle’s battery. Either the accu fluid, the battery cable, or the battery itself.

You can check it by yourself then go to the service station if it needs mechanic’s help or you can solve it by yourself!

Why there are red and yellow lights?

Well it’s the same like traffic light. Yellow indicates if the problem needs your attention, but not that urgent. While red indicates that you need to fix the problem ASAP.

If you find the green light, it means that your vehicle is healthy!


It’s necessary to know the condition of your vehicle. You can know it through the warning lights that is in the speedometer of each vehicle.

There might be others warning lights up that I didn’t discuss it here since not every vehicle have the same exact warning lights.

Hence if you didn’t find the explanation, you need to find the meaning behind it for your vehicle and your sake.