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Why You Need to Change Into Electric Vehicle?


These last few years people are getting more interested in development of electric vehicle (EV), especially here in Indonesia.

Some of EV that I often see are Wuling Air and Hyundai Ioniq 5. Not too often though because most of people still use conventional vehicle (CV) which needs fuel for it.

I believe not everyone here in the pro side of EV, but there are a few points to take into consideration about the CV’s downside if we compare it to EV.

1. Gas emission

Conventional Vehicle needs to burn the fuel so that it will move. The burning process never converts the fuel 100%, so there will be gas emissions which is not good for our health and earth.

While EV, since there’s no burning process, the gas emission is much less than EV. Good start, ey?

2. Machine performance

The overall machine performance of Conventional Vehicles is worse than EV. This is because the Conventional Vehicle system is much more complicated than EV**.

For example, as I mentioned before, a Conventional Vehicle has a burning process that needs some components. While an EV? It doesn’t need that at all!

Because of that, the machine performance of EV is better than Conventional Vehicles. It’s also quieter and smoother than a Conventional Vehicle. Because EV doesn’t need to change gear ratio, it’s automatic and smooth.

3. Maintenance

As conventional vehicle components or spare parts is much more than EV, of course the cost of its maintenance is more expensive than EV.

Because of that, the maintenance of conventional vehicle is difficult. There are lots of spare parts that need to get attention than EV.

4. Fuel Resource

Actually, the fuel and electric are from the same resource, which is crude oil. The supply itself is running low since it’s not a renewable energy.

As it’s running low, in the future, fuel will become a rare commodity and make the cost get pricey.

But here in Indonesia, the resource of electric for EV is 100% from renewable energy. So you don’t need to worry about it!

5. Refill

It’s hard for the conventional vehicle to refill the fuel at home right? I mean it’s possible but yeah it’s not common and might be pricey.

But not for EV. Since the source is electric, which I believe most houses have, you can charge your EV at home!


After I break down the conventional vehicle’s downside, how is it? Quite tempting, isn’t it?

Everything has its good and bad parts. The same goes for conventional vehicles and EV.

Even though EV is still pricey, in the future, the cost will be the same as conventional vehicle. And also, you can get the benefits that conventional vehicle doesn’t have!

So, what do you think? do you want to change to EV? or do you still want to stick with your conventional vehicle? its up to you!

but I hope from this content I can some gives you insight into EV. See you another time!